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Alderley Edge

The village of Alderley Edge lies at the foot of a wooded red sandstone escarpment which towers over the Cheshire Plain giving great views as far as the Peak District. This area is now managed by the National trust and a network of pleasant paths have been created to provide recreation in the area. The sandstone escarpment lies above an underground network of caverns and several disused mines dating from an age when copper mining was an integral part of the local economy. It is now possible to visit the mines in safety since Derbyshire Caving Club arrange supervised tours in conjuction with the National Trust.

Alderley Edge is associated with a romantic local Legend of Alderley Edge which tells of the wizard Merlin and a band of sleeping warriors who will rise and save our country in its hour of need.

Today the village boasts some of the finest shops, restaurants and bars in the country and is famous for its celebrity clientele, which includes many premiership footballers (David Beckham being a former resident), actors and top business professionals who enjoy the lifestyle which this small village has to offer. Aderley Edge is now one of the most desirable places to live in the country.

Alderley Edge is an ideal location for visiting the North West. Manchester International Airport is only minutes away. Wilmslow is nearby, Macclesfield is about 6 miles away and Manchester 15 miles to the north. Alderley Edge is easy to get to, being only a short distance from the M6/M56 motorway network.

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